How do I uninstall a Game from the Games Manager?

Uninstalling a game via the Games Manager is a very easy process. 

1. Launch the Games Manager Application and Navigate to the 'My Games' section.

2. Move your mouse pointer over the Game you wish to uninstall and you will see that 3 icons appear.


3. Move your mouse pointer over the Icon which looks like a Trash Can / Dustbin - The Icon will turn green and the text 'Delete this game' will appear.

4. Click on the green icon and the Uninstall process will be initiated.

5. You will see a warning screen - Asking you to confirm if you want to remove the game from the Games Manager.  Click on 'Yes, Remove' if you want to Uninstall the game or choose 'No, Cancel' if you have changed your mind and want to keep the game on your PC.

6. If you have clicked on 'Yes, Remove' - Then the Screen will dim and you will see a dialog telling you the game is being removed.  Please wait for this process to be completed.

7. Once the Game has been uninstalled - You will be returned to the 'My Games' section of the Game Manager and may continue to use the Games Manager.



If you are still having difficulties after following these steps please open a Ticket with the Customer Support Team by clicking HERE




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