How could I get "Virus Detected" messages from games downloads?

Are these game downloads Safe and Secure?

You can count on iWin for a safe and secure experience.  The environment that our games are developed in is air tight and we spare no effort to vigorously ensure that our customers get a top notch product. The 3rd party developers we partner with are trusted and every game is tested before going live on the site.

My Anti-Virus software says viruses may come from iWin?

What is called out as a "virus" related to our software is nothing of the kind. Sometimes AV software may not recognize our software and can falsely identify the product (games) as a threat. If you are receiving such messages, in order to play the game you will need to alter your settings or temporarily disable the software to allow your iWin download game to install successfully. 

We recommend spending some time to become familiar with your antivirus software and to be sure that you choose the product you operate on your machine carefully.  Some products may do a great job of protecting your machine but could also be forcing your computer to operate within a bubble, needlessly flagging harmless software besides ours.

Click HERE for instructions on reinstalling your games once your security settings are adjusted to allow access from iWin Games.

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