How can I keep my games if I need to reinstall the Games Manager?

When you Uninstall the Games manager you may see a Warning Message.

The warning message you may see says - "If you uninstall the iWin Games Manager then any games you have downloaded will no longer be playable. "Are you sure you want to do this?" is a little confusing at first - But you do not need to worry.

It is true that you lose the ability to launch the games with the ease of the manager but uninstalling the manager does not remove the games on your machine, if the installation pathway you originally selected for their installation is not within the Games Manager folder itself.

And since these Games are not removed from your machine - When you reinstall your Games Manager, your installed games should repopulate.

Please note that if the Games Manager is uninstalled - You will you need to uninstall any games, individually  via the Windows Control Panel (For best results we recommend completing all uninstallation procedures through the iWin Games Manager).

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